My late… “How To Tuesday”

Hi Ya’ll-

So sorry for the late “How To Tuesday” post. This weeks How To is, (drumroll)…. “How To Job Search” I recently was offered an unexpected position doing my dream job. I walked in to grab an application, and was offered an on the spot interview, and two days later I was offered to job. I was going to start my job search towards the end of February after my finances were in check more, but this was one opportunity I couldn’t let slip away. I know that these things don’t happen to everyone, so I wanted to write a post to help those of you who may need some guidance on where to start the search.

  1. START CREATING ONLINE ACCOUNTS. Create accounts on LinkedIn, SchoolSpring, Indeed, SnagAJob, or any other websites that are career specific to what you are interested in. Attach a cover page and resume to your accounts along with a photograph. This may be the worst step, but once you’ve set up your accounts, all you have to do is hit the ‘Apply’ button when you find a job you are interested in.
  2. START BROWSING. Start looking on these job boards for any job openings. Specify what type of career you are looking for, so you aren’t looking through a ton of jobs that you don’t want to see. Some websites may also offer to send you notifications if any new offerings are added into your category of choice. Broaden your search to other websites too, whether it be a specific company who has a career page on their website, or googling job openings for your career in your county and state.
  3. LOCAL LISTINGS. Don’t forget to look in your local newspapers too. Local businesses may start their employee search there before listing on large websites. Also, take a look on Craigslist. Some listings may be creepy, but you can specify your location to help find local listings.

* The biggest thing for me would be to have a resume a cover letter ready to hit send if you find something you are interested in. Resumes can be tricky to write, but if you have Microsoft Word, you can choose the resumes template to help you create your own, or you can use online resources to help you.

** Don’t get discouraged too easily too. When you first log onto the websites, you might not find something right away. Keep checking, keep the faith in finding something that will work for you. When the right thing comes along, you will know. res

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